On a Sunday afternoon there’s little better than a warm crumpet, but since I’ve been in living in Switzerland it’s become a little trickier to get hold of them. Then it occurred to me that crumpets probably don’t have to come from a packet.

Delia provided me with a good starting point for the recipe, though I’ll point out a few changes.

First, make sure to grease the cooking rings properly well, otherwise you end up with a sticky mess. Then keep the heat fairly low – ’5′ out of a possible 9 on my stove did the trick – and spoon in as much batter as you need to fill the ring about 15mm high. The recommended single tablespoon was definitely not enough.

Crumpets being cooked on a pan

Let them cook for a bit and watch out for burning the bottoms, then smother in butter and enjoy with a cup of tea. Splendid!

Crumpets on a plate

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